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Customer Reviews

"My UV Light Arrived…

Beautiful UV Light. Each and every one look healthy and vibrant, much better than what I expected. Especially for my first plant order online. Packaging was tight and trouble free. A perfect accent for any corner in your home. TryCleane is now my go to for Health prducts."

—Jessi S.

"My First Impression Was...

We've been keeping hand sanitizer in our cars for months, but that doesn't help us when we are walking around inside a store shopping. I got sick of being freaked out and afraid to touch my face in case I touched something contaminated inside the store. At the same time, having bulky bottles of hand sanitizer in my pockets created other issues. These were the perfect solution! Fill them up before you leave the house, strap one on your belt, pocket, or purse, and just grab a squeeze as often as you need to keep your sanity. Each one holds plenty of sanitizer to get through multiple applications over several hours, and they are extremely easy to refill. I no longer go out in public to work, shop, or recreate without one of these nearby!

—Aaron P.

"I Just Wanted To Say…

Very great bottles ! Received it on the day and time promised. Very clean no leaks once I put hand sanitizr in the bottle. Price is great since most stores near by don’t have silicone bottles like this."

—Tarah K.

"I Gave It A First Try Today!…

Ok so fair warning: this TryCleane UV light will show EVERYTHING icky and all bacteria, so be prepared for that 😂 but wow - we love it. We had a friend who brought one on vaca and we thought it was the coolest thing ever. I didn’t even know they made these! I now know when we need to wash our sheets, how clean everything is, and I don’t go ANYWHERE without it now. We now rate hotels on wether or not they pass the test of this bad boy. I feel like true detective or something.


"Useful Handheld UV Sanitation!

Very easy to use. It's great to have a portable device for sanitizing various things around the house Came in a very nice packaging.Bonus for USB-C charging!

—Haydn F.

"By Far This Is The Best Shopping Experience...

I was live on edge and constantly worried about the covid-19 infect my belongings. This UV got strong Ultraviolet light and I used it on my clothes It seemed more sanitary and cleaner than ever. Hope the virus can be killed soon. Guys, buy this UV wand and stay safe!